Report button


Why? Please return it.


The hkey one, not the shitty button one.


But it's still there.


That's why I said the hkey one, hkey is short for right click menu as that's where the handler virtually injects itself.


The right click context menu is still there.

It became kind of useless now that there are proper buttons, which work in all browsers and not only limited to FF.


Okay I see, the actual Report menu item has disappeared. Should be fixed now.

The whole menu will eventually be removed though.


Please no, I have big hands and it's hard to click small buttons, but a right click hkey injection menu is perfect because I can click anywhere on the thread to use a function that does nothing.


I hope you don't mean that the context menu options are being replaced with those tiny delay-hover buttons that are covered up when you use the expand thumbnails setting.


The good thing about hover buttons is that they work in every browser.
It sure doesn't play very well with expanded thumbnails, but you normally don't need to hover the thumbnail itself, mouseovering the upper part of the thread should also work.

Feel free to suggest another placement for the icons or some other way to expose those functions to browsers other than FF.

Also, custom CSS to change or remove the delay:

.thread:hover .thread-ctrl {
  transition: none;


mouseovering the upper part of the thread should also work

I have to say, that's rather awkward. It's easy to hit the thumbnail by accident and have them disappear. Maybe you should put them over the expanded thumbnail.

Regardless, I don't have a problem with the presence of the hover buttons, but I do have a problem with the removal of the old method. Why not keep both?



Why not keep both?

I'll keep it for now, I guess.
I should have added proper buttons right from the start though, instead of sticking with a firefox-only experimental feature.



I'll keep it for now, I guess.

Thank you. I'll just hope that "for now" means "indefinitely".