Prioritise filters


Is there a way we can prioritise filters that we set? For example, I always have filters set up for the latest shows of the season, but there are also other threads that I regularly visit that often get buried amongst my filters. If there was a way to put filters above one another, it'd help to find threads that are regularly visited over some seasonal show, especially after shitstorms when an episode airs.


It's not possible currently, but I see the issue here, it kind of bothers me as well in fact. I'll do something about it this weekend.
You can try using different highlight colours for now.



Yeah, I currently use a bunch of colours for my filters; couldn't live without them.


Any update to this?

Also, happy new year all.

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The implemention is a bit confusing. I'll get to it eventually, but right now, I don't really want to add more options and checkboxes for this.


Ah, okay. No worries.


Would like to ask about something else. I've started using the digest feature a lot more, but filter colours do not show in this format. Is there a way of getting them to show?


Colours are up.
Only on the thumbnail though.


That's brilliant. Thanks. Makes picking through digest so much easier.