Thumbnails on the Catalog not Showing Up Properly


For some reason, on many 4chan boards, several thumbnails on each catalog won't render properly and it happens at random.

But I did notice a pattern. /a/ will always have 7 thumbnails that won't show up in the catalog no matter how many times you refresh the catalog or let it linger for for several minutes before refreshing only to find out 7 thumbnails are still not rendering.

Another patten is that /g/'s catalog will always have 9 thumbnails that won't show up.

/v/ will have one thumbnail that won't show up.

/vg/ will have 4 thumbnails that won't show up.

And etc, etc.

I'm not sure of the reason behind these thumbnails acting wonky but maybe moot is messing with 4chan code once again.


Looks like a 4chan issue. Those missing thumbs on /a/ and /g/ also don't appear on 4chan.