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Does anyone have a final solution to this problem?
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What problem?

That the USofA thinks it is the end all, be all, of everything, ever?
It will solve (or dissolve) itself in due time.

That three fifths of the banks that issue the money that the Pentagon forces the world to trade oil in to inflate its value are owned by White Angle-Saxon Protestants?
Doesn't matter: The rest of the world is moving towards renewable energy.

That people think that Google runs the internet, and don't realise that everyone can run their own servers?
A few years ago, it was Microsoft. A few years before that, it was IBM.

Who cares about Hollywood anymore, anyway?

That the courts in the USofA are bought and paid for by the prison industry? Isn't that what the voters wanted?

Japan and Germany have already turned off most of their nuclear reactors, with Belgium and Switzerland soon to follow; why can't you?

That porn made in the San Fernando Valley cannot hold a candle to porn made in the Czech Republic or Japan?
It's illegal in most parts of the world anyway.

That the military-industrial complex the USA built in WW2 keeps trying to enter foreign markets?
Their friendly dictators have all been deposed, and new ones don't stay bought anymore.

What is sex trafficking? Does that mean you import professional sex from Mexico where it is legal?

The mind boggles with the possibility that the people might somehow be able to elect their politicians from among their own.

Which problem did you mean?
I don't see a common theme among them.
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I think Martin Luther had a good solution.
>>3 No different from NATO, I see.
>Percentage by country
>Israel is counted as a country
Site confirmed for JIDF.