What is this application/octet-stream?

Clicking the refresh button on the Catalog causes a popup to appear that asks me whether or not I should open " application/octet-stream " from " https://catalog.neet.tv " on Firefox Developer Edition.

Is this just a browser problem?
The server returned a wrong mime type for some reason (should be text/html).

>Is this just a browser problem?
Maybe, maybe not. Maybe a proxy issue, if you use one.
Try another browser, or try in private browsing mode.
Happened to me as well. Not only when i refresh catalog but when i opened new tab as well.
Just a guess but I feel like Yotsuba Catalog is not playing nice with https on Firefox for some reason and doesn't seem to have any probelms on http.

Even in private browsing mode, the catalog still lags and doesn't play nicely on https
Should be slightly better now.
Using firefox, sometimes when i refresh the page, it suddenly went blank.