Link to /a/ archive changed today

Any reason why the link to the /a/ archive changed from Desustorage to Fireden?

Could the link be changed back to Desustorage, instead?
It's not archiving anything right now it seems.
Fireden is more reliable, and has actually imported the stuff that is on hold at desustorage.
It's simply the better choice.
You are right. I didn't notice how bad Desu became at archiving /a/.

Shame all 4chan archives still can't hold a candle to the former Foolz Archive, though.
Is it just me or b4k archive lag as fuck?
All archives are laggy af. Either that or have missing posts and images everywhere.
Perhaps we should go back to Fireden yet again because Desu is shitting itself again.

Feels like the last reliable archive was Foolz considering how all these alternatives burned out much faster than Woxxy did.
Why the fuck it go back to desu? Fireden is way better for /a/ and /v/.
fireden doesn't have older posts.
but desu is broken half of the time...
fireden has the older posts, they're on a different subdomain, archive is way more complete than desu.
Fireden stopped archiving current threads on /a/. There seems to be a one day delay if you check the catalog mode on Fireden /a/ archive so threads from July 22 and before are now vieweable on the archive but no /a/ threads for July 23. However, if you tried viewing July 22 /a/ threads, yesterday, they weren't viewable.

Was this one day delay done on purpose by the Fireden admin?
I'll switch back to desustorage
I wish you actually see the archive first before changing it. Desustorage is dead too.
It's desuarchive now. It worked when I last checked.
Now it doesn't.
How about make the user decide their own archive? Maybe you can put it on the setting or something like that. This mean less work for you in the future.
The entire database for Desu Archive has died today due to being corrupted and the Desu Archive Owner says he doesn't know when the restore from his backup will be done.

Could we switch the archive link for /a/ to be Fireden in the meantime?
DesuArchive is back. Fireden was okay as a temporary substitute but the 10 day delay when searching through the Fireden archive makes it difficult to catch up on missed threads compared to Desu. For example, Fireden archive only shows results from 10 days ago instead of today.