How's your relationship with the 4chan team since moot left?
I haven't been banned, except for when I blatantly try to shitpost. Which is okay, I guess. Kinda wish the mods did their job, or that they were actively banning and condemning people who didn't fit in.
I was asking desuwa but sure.
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I have had no relation in years.
Have only been there twice since moot left, don't feel that I'm missing much and if I need to find information I just use one of the many board archive sites out there to find what I need. Maybe I'll start going more regularly again when I finally have a proper Internet connection.
It's amazing how blatant /pol/ is in their shilling these days. Even /toy/ is descending into alt-right shite. /pol/ has destroyed 4chan.
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Every board is pol now. Gas everything.
I don't know, I used to go there in 2017 and 2018 primarily for /a/ and /m/ and some other boards, I rarely saw anything political except for shitposting on /a/ which was for funsies (I seriously think people made shitpost threads to have off-topic conversations because they were rarely about whatever OP was baiting about) and/or quickly deleted. It's kind of funny how easy it is to troll by regurgitating whatever /pol/ garbage is hot; even though the real alt-right hasn't had influence since the Charlottesville thing. I stopped going when the site when it went full honeypot and disallowed legacy captcha forcing all posters to use Google's reCaptcha. It's not like I was missing much, very rarely was discussion had that couldn't be had elsewhere.