Hey admin man.

Thanks for HiveBBS. I like Ruby a lot. Your CSS is simple and pretty. I'm going to see if I can get it working on an I2P server. I've not tried it at all before, but I've been wanting to make a site inside I2P for while, so I'm going to use this. HiveBBS looks very complicated to install, which would be my only complaint. I don't really get how in the directions it almost looks like it says to set up a web server (puma) inside another server (nginx)? The directions say "in front of" but I really have no idea. If you can simplify the directions at all I would very much love that. I'm going to try it out and hope it works. Thank you very much for making this in the first place.
>set up a web server (puma) inside another server (nginx)
That's exactly it. But you can run it with just puma or some other ruby web server.
You can skip the nginx part to test things out first.

I've never done anything with I2P though so I can't really help you with that unfortunately.