Purpose of this place

What is the purpose of this place? Is it to just mirror everything so people who otherwise couldn't go to the source because of whatever condition can just come here and browse on this mirror + minor HUD improvements?

Cause that is why I am here...

I should lurk more but fk it, people talking about extentions like they are actively archiving threads themselves? People do this for what purpose? Useful info in a thread to comb over later? A discussion you were involved in that you want to save? Etc.

Any tips and tricks you guys want to let me know about?

Also is the quality on /pol/ seriously slipped since the election? Is it just the fact that opposition forces have flooded the discussion with more shit than usual or is it just the nature of coming off the high of Trump winning the election in part by the focused unconscious energy we all dumped into it?
This is just a catalog site. It was here before 4chan got its own catalog.

And /pol/ was always shit.
You'd knew that if you didn't come to 4chan because you saw /pol/ on CNN.