You ever thought of getting this added to 4chan?


As in, talked to Moot and said "hey bro, let's ditch the crap page system and replace it with the catalog system. It is the only good way to browse an imageboard."

Because, quite frankly, it is. There are countless threads over various boards of people whining about "too many X threads, make new board" and so on, citing page0 or frontpage constantly.

It is everything wrong with 4chan, frontpageism needs to die already.

Think how much better it'd be if there was
Directly hooked in to the database, it'd be updated instantly instead of crawled every set period.

He actually seems like he is in a good mood and open to suggestions, I'd consider dropping him a message if you haven't already.

Even just making the catalog the default and hiding pages (only accessible from URL), it'd considerably improve the site.

Because when people post "", people just suddenly jump at it like "fuck your plugin" or whatever or retarded nonsense.

Hell, here is one right here actually, "I shouldn't have to use a separate website to have a fucking decent experience with /v/."
But it IS the only way you can have a decent experience on any of the popular boards. Browsing normally is painful. Utterly painful.

God knows why there is no catalog view on 4chan, we can all blame Shii, but fact is, it needs it now more than eevr.

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You are over thinking it, even though I agree with you on almost every point.
Just take it easy, don't force your browsing habits on others and don't take things you read on 4chan too much to heart.
The catalog is just a tool for moot's "ignore shit you don't like" policy after all.

You ever thought of getting this added to 4chan?

Nope, the catalog mode is nothing new, if moot wanted it on 4chan, he would have implemented it long ago. Probably.


Well probably not. It is moot remember.
He rarely tends to think about these things, he is mostly reactionary.


Doesn't 4chan's board software already have a catalog mode integrated, just not turned on?

For example here's 2chan's catalog mode (sfw link):


No, I think the catalog view was added to futaba after 4chan was created.


I don't think Shii had added it in, or anyone else for that matter.
There was only really the "list view" as alternative, which /f/ still uses. (can't remember if it was ever even available for any other board, don't think it was, I'm likely thinking of other sites)


>I'm likely thinking of other sites
You are probably thinking of /bun/


I like browsing manually. I would not want that option taken away. Moot is reluctant to change the site too much because of how many people complain over even the smallest changes, after all. I do like the list view, though.


Completely replacing the paging system with the catalog view is obviously a bad idea.

But adding it as an alternative view, like on futaba, won't pose any problem I think.


moot said a year or so ago that catalog mode would consume too much bandwidth or something.


More recently he said he plans on adding a catalog view soon™.
It was in the /hm/ sticky I think.


He sorta has a point with increased bandwidth, admittedly, since there are quite a few more pictures per refresh. Some browsers are just outright terrible with caching. (Firefox, strangely)
Only solid solution I know is base64ing images and sending them over in separate CSS files for anything above IE6 and every other browser. (anything else isn't worth wasting time on)
That works 100%, but equally increases filesize to 133%~, but considering the now saved bandwidth, fine.
Even showing a few pages per catalog page at a time would be fine. It covers most board activity, the rest is just gravy.
List view would be even more useful than page view on faster boards.

Many ways to cut down the resources needed by it.
I'd love if it took advantage of JavaScript, which most people probably have enabled, but I know it won't...
Shame, it could cut down a considerable amount of bandwidth on most sites, forums, imageboards and the like considerably.
Even text, which doesn't sound big when it is a few kb, becomes a pretty big deal when you multiply it by several thousands of users refreshing every few minutes when it isn't cached at all.

Oh moot, when will you ever get the Canvas team to rewrite that site? The entire source should be "accidentally deleted" so it gives him a reason to get it redone, it is such a mess of hacks and inconsistency.

Likely won't happen anytime soon after the Max incident with the last rewrite attempt...


Firefox's cache works fine as long as the server sends/handles cache headers properly.


I really hope the official catalog is like Futaba's. As in, a vanilla HTML table with thumbnails.
I love this Catalog and would continue to use it too, but I think the "Web 1.0" style of image and text boards is what gives them their charm.



I think the "Web 1.0" style of image and text boards is what gives them their charm.

It's just a matter of styling.
If you remove the fancy shadows and round corners from the current catalog, you wouldn't see a difference with a table based, futaba style, layout.


2ch has a catalog view and it still feels very web 1.0. Catalog view can just be a table with static images, if you desire.


I mean futaba channel


That's why you have the RSS feed if you absolutely can't stomach javascript.

Without the javascript, the server would need to generate pages dynamically or else you won't get the sorting, filtering, resizing nor any other functionalities.

Here, the crawler uses only one html template and outputs one single page for everybody.

It may feel too web 2.0 for you, but server side it looks more like ``web 0.5'' and is probably as efficient as it can get.