What software does this site use?


Like... What textboard software?

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It's custom


Ok! TY for answering.


Wow, I really like the simplicity of this software. Could you publish the source code?

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>Could you publish the source code?
Sure, some time next week probably.
I'll need to fix a couple of things on the backend first.


Thank you very much!


Did you already get round to upload the source code?

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Not yet. I'll put everything on github this week end.


bumping for link


git clone https://bitbucket.org/Desuwa/hivebbs.git

You need Ruby 1.9.2+, sinatra, datamapper and the gem in the vendor folder. And maybe some other stuff that I don't remember.

Enjoy your unfinished software.


mind if I use it somewhere?

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Sure. Use it at your own risk.


sorry if this is an annoying question, but in order to implement the software, how does one go about using it after dumping it in let's say the root folder of whatever server space I have?

I'm a noob regarding these things sorry, but it really looks like a great basic solution for anonymous chatting, etc.


You are probably better off using a PHP based board, like Tiny BBS or shiichan bbs. It will be much easier to install I think.

This board here requires a server with Ruby, a hosting provider normally won't be enough.


Okay! That's good to know. In the case that I learn more about using a Ruby-based -something- as well as find a server with ruby, is this bbs as simple to install as dropping it whatever space I have? Or would it require a significant amount of setting up / tweaking?
I'm currently in the midst of teaching myself Ruby so this is all really interesting as far as projects go

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>is this bbs as simple to install as dropping it whatever space I have?
You'll need to install the dependencies and edit a couple of config files. Nothing too complicated, normally.
I'll write a proper installation guide some time this week end.


Thanks so much, that would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks Mister Admin-san, whoever you are!


Why'd you take down the code, desuwa? Bitbucket says you deleted it yesterday.

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I'll put it back, but on github this time, since the markdown gem (redcarpet) is a fork of a project hosted there.


github repo