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Could you add the text boards? The features that are there for them on normal 4chan are awful and I think this would help them tremendously.

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The ability to browse the text boards on 4chan is awful. Since it was designed by Shii, who has never had a good idea in his life. But I think that the system you have here would be much better, and the text boards would benifit from it.


Yes. Yes, you are right. We can't keep copying nips forever.
It's time for innovation.
It's time for... text board catalogs!

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It'd still be great to have this, since Vacbob and Shii left the textboards have kind of died and you'd only have to increment them to update every 4 hours or so since no one posts in them.


sketch up how that would look in your browser because I am totally confused


This. I can't exactly see how an imageboard catalog will be able to help the textboards.


I have no idea how to draw from Shiichan, it seems to have been written by a 4 year old, which it probably was. Shii was not a great web developer, and still isn't if you look at his site. It really wouldn't be necessary anyway since subject.txt exists on all the boards.
With the first post number in every thread and the subject.


But how do you want the whole thing to look like in the browser?

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Just do the same as the regular catalog but with pictures of Shii.

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Just do the same as the regular catalog but with pictures of Shii naked children.

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So pictures Shii made. Since Shii's a pedo.


What about expanding the site to threads, including threaded replies for text boards?
low traffic for sure.
Also, i second op's motion. The text boards look shite.


Just use the thread preview on rollover as the actual image, so have the first post and the last post and posts like you do.


u wot m8?

Nah, just a simple list of threads, sortable by Date, Bump and Last Reply, with a small visible excerpt and a full preview in a tooltip.


As long as they're from Natgeo it's legal.