Yer all so sad it becomes obvious why i am stuck here anyway
Guess i am as unblessed as you fuck then, moron.
Go on, go on, show me how soft your mohammed made you.
What a blessed planet, your god has no control over evil since day one, and somehow i gotta clean it for you. Haha, what a bunch of fucktards stuck here.
Thats right. I gotta be your savior right? You are that worthless dogshit mohammeD made you right? Spits on your dogshit god.
Well, scream harder twink. So i know i came from the same unblessed crap you are, and will have no more blessing than you all. Otherwize, i d be king Jesus already. Loudcarp moron.
Even biology exist in religion apparently. You are all being such a copy of the worthless man itself.
Even god recognizes the idea of a child having copious traits
...haha, heaven is bound by earthly things. Mohammed or whatever god cannot escape from it either. Only making byproducts of losers. I f you are all so good at this, you wouldnt be enslaved for 200 year something.

Even licking the americans for butter. Haha, what sad chimps. Scream mohammed, scream¡¡¡ louder so i know you too are bound by reality.
Oh wait, isis needed bombs too. The tools of qafir. The world is fucked. Miracles dont exist

Well fuck

I hope this planet burn, but you are already in slavery of the big monkey mohammed. Oh well, what do. Am i supposed to be bigger than you? Guess you have what they call "desire". Hahaha, satan Had you to begin with.
Long story short, wheres my gift? I guess i have less an arm for 20000 people. How blessed.
Well since you all seem to win argument with me, why cant i lift the cars already?

The theist logic sure dont work shit huh.