Come to think of it

I just realize... the irresponsible man, is also good at chess, and i still dont get there.

You got it because you are good at it.

You never gave up anything.
What a joke i am.

At least the universe will burn forever.
And i will wake up seeing it,my sense dulled,not even a person anymore... knowing full well, the lord will gamble, what it might lose.

Man, i hope we all die tommorow... i cant bear seeing any of you fucks.
Playing the cain i am.

You are all just abels, afterall. You were never alive. Never hurt. Never truly suffer.

And i too, am a machine of pain.

Even the gods hurt more than you, abel. Screaming, crying. Truly, a joke.
You are the real god, abel. The unhurt one.
Obviously science too is finicky esp since it is the kind of thing that ll encourage people to be cannibals again, given health and biology.

Then again what stopped god from turning people against each other again? A giant big tower?

No matter, it s always time to go home, apparently.