There waa no meaning for adam and eve,
And now suddenly you are asked to find words in life.

God sure is inconsistent.

Maybe a million more testament will come.being that kind of ironic, thats why.
Sin like poison, cleansed only by god screaming.

Somwthing so evil, the lord can make.
What else can it not create?
Am i eternal, to watch this? Hope not. The kind of madness, not even god could stand.

Truly a madness beyond olympus.
Muhammad's angel are all hurting under heat too, it seems
Muhammad's angels are all hurting under heat too, it seems
Copy my mind now, i dare you. But you ll say i am a liar anyway.

Guess there are good reasons, i dont know what you are thinking. The kinds of evil contained by infinity... is that what it s supposed to be huh? Making you sound so holy and good. Well, we re here on top of dead things we denied.

You deserve to know all the pains, i guess.
Disgusting. I hope i am never related nor lived with any of you. If i had known all these crap, i d kill myself in birth.
Your 2000 year wars too, has that been good on you? Only the lord is sheltered in it. Haha, no minds can ever sustain thw god's desire, for the rightness of the lore. But you too desire to outgrow your reality.... and that will cost things

Things no body have, obvioualy.
Well, we re all going mad. Yer not alone. In this empty giant space we call life. Haha, how amazing. Seeing the pitch black nothingness.

Truly, a gift best fit for kings.
Maybe the "mad ones are the only one free" indeed
I suppose the camel driver, has foretold the only ending
The lord takes no troubles. Only lambs.
Lose to win huh


Doesnt seem i got anymore to lose.
Well. Dont worry abt it

Im just a deserter. So