Catalog not working


What's up with the catalog? It's not working for me right now. I cleared cache, checked in Opera, Firefox and even IE7 and all the pages end up blank.


It's working now, I wonder what happened?

Does the server detect too many refreshes in a short period of time and then disables thumbnails?

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blank pages

Completely blank, as in void of any html pages? It happened to me a couple of times too, Ctrl+F5 usually fixed it. I'm still not 100% sure what's causing this.

server detect too many refreshes

No, but use the "fake" Refresh button instead of F5-ing, if you aren't already.


Well, I didn't want to make another thread for the same problem so I'm posting this here.

Lately, whenever I open the catalog, be it on FF, Opera, Chrome, etc, the page loads fine but no threads are shown, its like if 4chan was down or something.

However, if I use a proxy (USA) to load the page and threads, it works perfectly fine, hell, even if I disable the proxy after loading the "initial" threads and use my real IP, the site keeps working fine and loading the new threads.

Could this be an ISP problem? Or the site blocking access from my country? I live in Chile by the way.

Ctrl+F5 with no threads does nothing, and if I refresh the cache after successfully loading the threads just clears everything and goes back to being an empty page with no threads.

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Check the console for javascript errors.
Make sure you don't block

See if you can access this image for example:

I don't filter/block any traffic by the way.


It also happened to me yesterday on /v/, I got it to work by hitting the 'reorder' button a few times to make the thumbnails to show up.


Ok, turns out the firewall was blocking access to googleapis without telling me.

Everything's working fine now, thank you.