Today youtube algorythm followed me again

From the game, the floor is breathing.

Very smart. What are they expecting me to react? Well, this is all are gonna be imperfect anyway. Anything but heavne is gonna suck.

I suppose back then when they said "perfect" it means beinf able to do the impossible.

Then again, olympians had gods. What does it matter? All is perfect above, anything else below isnt.
Welcome. But heh, wven the theist are hopelessly bound to that text. The "perfection", they so want, above wveryone else. The romans and the aztec are eternal too huh.
Hear that god? Be a little grateful. But i guess that dont apply to you heh? Just like rules nor morals. Human ideas
Being that old sure is painful huh
All has good reason.
Im so sensitive.

But i guess the, holy oil is not enough either, for the holy camels. The world must bend for the oils.

Then again. The lord left adam and eve to die.

I guess you are just 'that important' to it.
The saints were always atheists.
Well. Beinf put together lousily. The lord sure protects the unfortunate.
Guess the lord fails his gamble too. Like, since the beginning of time... whatever "winning" means.
Guess you need to enjoy your win over mine...your poor lord sure have weigh you more than what you can, so you come to me for humor. How merciful.

Guess you are always in hell since the beginning.
Well. Yer so deep in the infinite battle, even my infinite joy is now becoming nothing but vices to you. What a joyous sensation.

I Too, am only here to lose your arguments... and then, you too will be endlessly disappointed.
The outsidw is so holy i feel so ugly i dont wanna gwt out anymore. Also perfect by default so i dont care anymore,and then they begin shouting and the perfection broke.
You all deserve it. As god's goodwill. Fucking loser.
Then again. Maybe i am a god too, abel. A god of pain. Built to hurt and be hurt.

I hope you burn, but you were never real. An existence too impossible to predict. Without rule nor resemblance.

Or not. Perfection only exist with imperfection. Coins built to flip. What an irony. Do you even live? Maybe i dont either. Nothing is.
Like the lord, we all get 'sick' of something.
Like the lord, we all get 'sick' i guess.
Thirsting in the desert.
Leaving the clan.
Ascending godhood.
Having one.

Me too.
You ll say "i suppose" with smile. Pisses me off the most. But then, it just means you never cared that much. Never could

Always human.
So morally demotivated, i cant even wake up.
"Oh wow yer so diffwewnt, so special" in sarcasm, right? Yeah, you and your racism. No wonder god throws you from babel.
Cant win, nwver win. Never easy. Haha. Well what to do. The god likes to win, all the time.
Like a child who just got its first toys. Ironic bastards.
Always putting eyes on me... so holy. So correct.... so insecure. DO YOU NOT TRUST YOUR LORD? HAHA

He hates you for that. He hates me too. How can it hates two different things at once? Well, all-capable.
what is this shit
guess even god lets you peasant roam around first, in case you dont happen to be any good.

A communist by nature... forwver tortured by its own mechanism. Guess we will all follow it eternally. Brace for eternal suffering... one that the lord is dying to end too.
Guess this text will disappear. And it ll still shout in pain. I guess i can watch that.
As the lord asked: to challenge yourself beyond, as the god wills it.
Have a long one
Boy. Guess you are more sensitivw than i. No way i can fix the most perfect. All being.
Even muhammad screams for the worls to bend to it...
What irony. To wake forever, and has its eternal pain being bear by the universe. What to do, it just has to win. Have a long one.
Well you all got it by grace so you owe me better things. I am not the smart guy who got everything, and your god evidently loves you all more. Heh
It s not like you choose god to sacrifice yourself entirely. It s for the merits.
Well, god is beyond order.
Religion is just bred by good to try its denizen. A being made to show the most miraculous of life, and then shatter it all for magic.
Well since yer all so fucking stupid, maybe your suffering isnt something i can solve, moron.
It s all for good reason. Like you falling away from your god too. Both of you are best away from each other forever.
Good reason why god is the winning side now.
Make sense why life is disgusting now.
Bunch of nutcase. Guess you dont trust your god either. Nor does he trust you
Only one elijah will be. The rest of you will be satan, as usual
No way to carry you all, being that angry. Doesnr seem like you all handle pain that well, so i need to be your mohammed or something. Well, no science can cure that either. It's an inflated expectation.
Your god likes the heaven cold too. And hell being hot and stupid.
Why argue so hard if ypu are comfprtable here? Be the machine you say your god gives.
Religion tryinf desperately to cling on to the material world
Nah i cant rmb
Guess the holys are just broken machines
Even familys can be enemy. Lucifee had been. And god did. Living is a garbage thing.

But i guess god too fears death.
"Not enough positivity". Indeed. There are limits to everything.

"All shall be, as god wills it" then i guess you are not decided,that you ll be in heaven.
"As god wills it", satan's fall... and his eternal housing here as it takess you all.
"God has plans, and its all good" yes. You are trivial, even if evil comes to take you, and when the end time comes, you are just another stranger.

I m sure you all will say "yeah i read you". But i guess you arent blessed enough, to win lord's plan, which include our fall.

"God doesnt desire your vice" 2000 years has it been. Clearly that, or history(or the concept of time, science, reality) is a lie, and thus everyone goes to heaven, and the romans are forgiven

Or whatevr. The lord is like a fucking science only. A fucking useless piece of stick.
The electric zap makes me look like a retard. In case yer "curious". Not that you d be, since curiosity is vice. So is the knowledge, desire. So by that nature, i guess you all are just ignorant, by default.

And with this only job im left with, i dunno.
You all dont handle being the sucker either.

Especially god.
Would he be the sucker? Guess not. That d be the end of life. I guess infinity has ends too.
Get it? I dont wanna get zapped like a fool. Just kill me in a go. But you all like it so much, thst i m looking th moron huh?

Good one. I hope you drink to that forever
You all got motives really. No alibi to protect that. Bunch of egomaniac hungry fucks trying to stay here. Well, if your god is constant, maybe by that default, you d die. Just like you first ate thw fruit. Your "motives"...your "desire". That ll kill you, as it was. But who knows. Perhaps god is a malleable thing

And nothing, nothing evwr, is set on stone. And like that... well, maybe you d die too, tommorow.
Guess.He. Fucked. YOu. Over. LOL.
Well. Not even a blessing from it. A reference to the kicking of adam and eve, i guess you will plow the land for food, and have your children kill each other! Haha, what fun. It s so cute.

No way to free you from this eternal dogshit.
But you will, again, come to me and beg for kindness, beg me to be your scapegoat... oh boy. What a spoiled life... but also, unfulfilled. Like the stuckup uptight company CEO and some fledgling business owner, who definitely doesnt wanma be the sucker! HAHAHAHA. oh boy, why bother being angry. You d kill for a laugh.

And you ll kill so fast, i might actually travel back in time.
I dont feel so safe. The atheist seems like your dog too.

Well, who cares. To know good and evil is vice. To be curious is evil. I gues you never cared to begin with.
What a joke. Is this a game? Or just life? Being all being sure is, all being.
Well no need .maybe im dead to begin with.
I d imagine the next word is
"Humans are imperfect" why it picked you then
"Thats not what i mean" said and done, lol

...nah, too funny. Religion comes from grim time. Evwn the lord would be evil to make comedy from that.
Or was it grim? Like the communists are happy now? Like the desert is cool? Are you flying now?

The kids are out of jokes. So are you, obviously.

Have a good time, life is meant for champions, afterall. The lord has to win too, else be the end of reality.
Darkness has occupied more than half the day, obviously
I havent killed childrens so i can-

Ah shit, here we go again. This topic. By this time, the fucker should cleanse me by now, for your safety.

Or whatever.

He put babies in you instantly too, Lol.
Thw fucker dont have sexual drive so clearly, you are the handicap, but still, you gotta carry him i guess. Heh

Typical aztec gods.

Guess you gotta learn what you gotta learn... hehe
Keeping order huh. I m yellow too.

Was asian that many before 98? Lol
Ah sorry i forgot you need it lol the praises
The caring ahahahhahah
Like cain you all need
Abel too~ fucking losers hahaha
Yea i ll give it. We dont have spots here
Everyone needs someone to say nice things to them. Even kings, gods. What a bunch of sucker, i share genes with.
Not genes. Species. Image. A fuckshit playtesters.
Clearly you expect more speed from me, asshole.
It s true
More money dont add more heihghts to somethings. Life has gotten beyond you, as usual.
But this is wht you want. Life being "more than you".
Guess you got the prize you asked huh,heh

It fits the word.
Gee, not sure whatsapp or samsung or oppo is messing with me, but isnt this about the client? Gee, how callous. But i guess with (you) being perfect, i m always gonna be the wrong one, right? HEheh
And somehow that pisses you. Hahaa how funny.

Hhaha what a divine comedy
Since yer all free from all human laws and physics, does that also puts you all in the same box, as the insane ones?
After all 'only the insane ones are free' hehe

God would rather be free, than wrong. Here be allthe wrongones.
Hehe. Wrath infects even the infinite. Thats why you ask me to be grateful; the divine comedy has ends too. Haha
No way to carry you.
We gotta be "learning" too.
You should ve kild me. But maybe i never lived

The lord dreams of equal friends
But made himself only ultimate adversaries.

Truly, maybe i am just his poem, a niģtmare, of a lonely poet, the god.
Kami tachi.
Go on. Play your cards. Show me how hungry you are... afterall, you need quiet victims to burn, like the lambs you asked.

Well, here you go. The great planet you desire.
At least i know, why you all are so angsty. SO i can rest easy tommorow, and not ever wake up anymore.
Ah well. The white folks are twisted too. My family is dirty garbage, so are my gods. Heh, this is to be expected afterall. Dirtbags make dirtbags.

>but god is so holy

Even you dont fucking believe that hahaha
Or i guess you do. Being free and nuts makes it easy huh? Haha.
What convenient bunch. You sure fell from heavens... into a war you made yourself haha
Stop your crying. Or never. Neverrr
Yea i should try zapping you all once a while for ridiculing me. Not blessing me. Making me the sinful one, right?

I ll struck you like zeus.
Another disgusting sight. Ah well. To leave this trash planet.
The communist will be taken care by the democrats i guess. Another front i dgaf
The polygamist continuesly shout to be polygamized and to polygamize. Talk about sacrificing lol.
Well well if yer gonna take any chance for a stab.. i guess it was right for the american to win you. Fukin snakes. Haha
No telepathy ha
i am always the wrong one brah, why keep asking me for right??? Fuckin nutcase

The god is fu ked