Adding new boards should be added to the catalouge.


Why not add /b/? I know that /b/ moves so fast that any catalog would be worthless within 5 minutes, but it would be interesting to see every single thread on /b/ for a minute in time, even if you won't be able to click any of them. My bad if asking for /b/ is forbidden, I looked at the available threads and didn't see anything.

Also, a /po/ catalog would be awesome. I know that it hardly moves to the point it might as well be a catalog, but being able to see every thread at once to avoid the "Korean" threads and other trolls would be awesome.



>Why not add /b/?

I think the rule is "no nsfw" boards, but I forget where I read it.


Yeah, the admin has said SFW boards only. And /vg/ is a new SFW board, so I think it should be added as well.


Maybe a "report NSFW" button to hide the thumbnail? Sounds abusable, though.

6 !Admin

> Sounds abusable
Indeed, this can't possibly work.


/vg/ archive is up: http://archive.foolz.us/vg/