What Text editor you guys use, and like?

I might frighten some sissies, but I heavily use ed(1).
I believe anything else is absolute bloat, even the visual idiot vi editor; is bloat hiding under the minimalism umbrella with its six grillion features, let's not forget the eymax jewchinese faggotry, an entire fucking OS on another OS all to fucking take notes in org formats, those jiggers thinking they're like a fucking Jedi for using "such a powerful editor" OS to open an email client.
Why would I even bother to install Unix or Loonix to end up living inside my editor, where I can't even leave my machine without taking my config files with me
I mean, you faggots even started to challenge each other to not leave those fancy sissy editors.
None of you can be truly commune with your machine on a very deep and personal level, because of your brainlet kikery.

thanks for reading my blog post.
wq niggers-tongue-my-anus.txt
i like obsidian
ob ... what?
i've been enjoying neatvi recently