Filtering for empty posts


For the past few months there's been some filter set up to set the occasional new thread to autosage from the start. This mainly, or at least most noticeably, happens to quest threads, and to avoid the unknown filter trigger people will make the thread with an empty first post.

Is it possible to make a filter to catch these empty first posts?


Like the MSQ threads for example?
You can hide or highlight by tripcode in this particular case:
#Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY

Otherwise, to match textless OPs use /^$/
You'll be getting a couple of false positives though.


The latest MSQ thread would be the latest MSQ thread I can think of, yeah, but also Metahuman Renaissance Quest for... I don't remember how long. Pretty much since the autosage filter started.

Thanks, false positives I can handle.